Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do teeth get discolored?
A. There are many causes for discoloration including your diet, your genetics, your lifestyle, and certain medications. The most predominant culprits are red wine, cola, coffee, tea, and cigarettes. These items all have pigments that easily get trapped in the porous area of your teeth called the enamel. Over time these pigments can continue to build-up continuing to darken your teeth.

Q. Has the ADA approved teeth whitening products?
A. Yes. The ADA has approved teeth whitening products that include carbamide peroxide. They have acknowledged many methods for whitening your teeth including in your home, but do recommend you consult with your dentist if any sensitivity occurs.

Q. How can Xylitol help promote healthy teeth?
A. Clinical studies have proven there is a link between Xylitol and preventing tooth decay and plaque formation. In studies of 1,000 children who chewed gum containing Xylitol compared to those who did not, existing cavities were healed. Additionally, there was a reduction in tooth decay over the time of the study.

Q. Are teeth whiteners safe to use?
A. Action Pro White is, but not all are. With Action Pro White you are using the same ingredients dentists use. The ingredients have been tested to be an effective whitening treatment without causing harm to the teeth or sensitivity to the teeth. Like any other treatment, it is important to use as directed and stop use if you have any adverse reactions.

Q. How do teeth whiteners whiten teeth?
A. The surface of your teeth, also known as enamel, are made up of thousands of tiny hollow, tube-like structures that are stacked next to each other. They are extremely absorbent and “soak” in pigments from food, drinks, and other products easily. The peroxide from the teeth whitener bubbles into the tubules and lightens those pigments. The stronger the concentration, the quicker your teeth will whiten.

Q. How does Action Pro White whiten my teeth?
A. Our treatment is a dentist-strength blend of ingredients including 22% carbamide peroxide and xylitol. Delivered uniformly and directly to your teeth using our custom application tray, these agents carry out an oxidation reaction essentially “bleaching” your stains revealing whiter teeth.

Q. What is the advantage of using Action Pro White over laser whitening?
A. Studies have shown that there is NO DIFFERENCE IN THE RESULTS between light enhanced (laser) whitening and whitening gel. In addition, laser whitening can cost over $1000 with NO trial period. Your results with laser whitening also will likely require regular maintenance, which could end up costing you and additional $500 a year. With Action Pro White it’s simple – you will get to test the results and if you are satisfied you will save over 85% compared to laser whitening.

Q. What is the advantage of using Action Pro White over the drugstore white strips?
A. Drugstore white strips include very low concentrations of ingredients and while they whiten your teeth it will take you significantly longer to see results over the dentist strength Action Pro White.

Q. When should I start to see my desired results?
A. It will vary depending on how many shades your would like to lighten; however, most of our users see results in as little as a few days.

Q. How long will my results last?
A. This depends on a number of factors. If you drink coffee, smoke, or take certain medication you will require frequent treatments to maintain your desired shade; however, if you refrain from these items monthly application should provide you with long-lasting results.

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